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Native American and Western Art, Russ Docken

Offering Native American Art and Other Western Paintings

At Russ Docken Gallery, we believe there is nothing more intriguing than the diversity and beauty of the human form. Each face has unique shadows, highlights, and colors revealing a variety of features. Out of all the human forms, we enjoy drawing inspiration from Native Americans, because we find them compelling both visually and historically. It's this passion that drives our inspiration to create beautiful Native American art and Western paintings for customers across the US. We also enjoy these types of paintings because it gives us a chance to focus on the idealistic, spiritual interpretation of a figure, rather than the historical representation.

Our Native American Paintings

While some of the Indians our artist paints are less ethnic looking for the marketability of commissioned work, others are actual contemporary portraits of individuals we've met at pow-wows and photo shoots. Out of all the figures our artist paints, the Native American is the most decorative and varied looking. They are truly a people with a profound love for the land and deep spiritual view of the world. We're honored to portray them in beautiful paintings. Some of our Native American and Western paintings and prints include the following:

  • "In Honor"—An Original 24" x 36" Oil On Canvas, Sold
  • "A New Beginning"—A Framed, 18" x 24" Oil On Canvas, $3,995
  • "Sacred Storm"—An Original 30" x 24" Oil On Canvas, Sold With Limited Prints Available
  • "Look Of War"—Original, Sold. Limited Edition 8" x 20" Prints, $75. 750 Regular Editions, $75. 75 Artist's Proofs, $125
  • "Native Of The Mountains"—Original, Sold. Limited Edition 8" x 20" Prints, $75. 750 Regular Editions, $75. 75 Artist's Proofs, $125
  • "The Crossing"—Original, Sold. Limited Edition 10-3/4" x 8-1/2" Print, $25. 750 Regular Editions, $25
Original Artwork

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