Wildlife Paintings

Regal Horse and Snow Wolf

Decorate Your Home With Our Wildlife Art and Paintings

Russ Docken Gallery offers a variety of different wildlife art and other oil paintings to art lovers across the US. Because painting is our passion, we also have new images for sale on a regular basis.

Land of the Grizzly and Lower Falls

Wildlife Paintings and Prints

While our artist doesn't consider himself a wildlife artist, he does have wildlife paintings available. Paintings such as "Bad Hair Day" is 18" x 24" original oil on canvas for $4,995, while "Great Blue Heron" is a framed original oil on canvas for $995. "Looking For Prey" is a 30 1/4" x 23" original oil on board for $2,500.

Romantic Impressions

Russ also offers romantic impressions of beautiful women and maidens often posed in nostalgic settings. Please check out our paintings in the Gallery and Store.

Our New Images

We enjoy being able to offer new images on a regular basis. Currently there are three new paintings available, including "Daybreak," a 24" x 48" original oil painting for $2,995. "Fall Hangout" is a 14" x 24" original oil painting for $1,800. Artist's proof prints are available in 14" x 24" for $125.00, and 14" x 24" prints are available for $95.00. "High Country" is an original 21" x 30" oil painting that has been sold. However, 17" x 23" prints are available for $95.

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